Narrative Mapping

Week 1

Mapping Your Story

This week’s exercise aims to unpack the story you’ve become identified with in your life. This story often combines conscious and unconscious conditioning rooted in your psyche and this conditioning influences your thoughts, habits, actions, and decision-making. 


The goal is to make you as aware of this conditioning as possible and, in doing so, address the things that no longer work for you or with which you no longer identify.  


The first step is to complete the Narrative Map.  You can print your map here.


While this may seem somewhat childish, it’s meant to be so. Engaging in a simple, creative exercise that relaxes the logical mind can be powerful. When the rational mind (i.e., the ego) disengages, there is room to unlock deeper unconscious memories and truths. In fact, if you can allow yourself to really dive into it, creating your own map and adding your own pictures, colors, or drawings can enhance your understanding of yourself! 


Engage in the process as best you can.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you find nothing comes up or you’re having difficulty getting into it.  The next part will re-engage your logical mind and get you back into your comfort zone!  

Connecting the Dots

Now that you’ve completed your Narrative Map, it’s time to look it over and start identifying patterns in your life.  I call it connecting to the Hero’s journey.  This process takes a seemingly endless stream of life circumstances, messages, and events and creates greater meaning by identifying the universal journey or archetype within them.   

An example of an archetypal story

If you’re having trouble connecting to this process, I’ll share my own example of narrative mapping…

The Hero's Journey Video Series

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