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Are You Disconnected?

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, divorce, or a sense of feeling stuck in life, then identifying where you are disconnected can be the start of healing.  It’s important to remember that YOU are not your symptom, and your symptom is not the problem.

Why are we so disconnected? 

Disconnection starts early when we experience neglect, abuse, loss, and codependency from our caregivers.  These experiences lead us to disconnect from our bodies and the truth of who we are.  In exchange, we develop a protective ego that can keep us safe.  The problem is that once we become adults, we want more than safety, and the ever-diligent ego has a hard time letting go!

Healing Disconnection

Steps to reconnection can be simple, though the process can be anything but. It helps to have a companion who has been there to walk you through the process and assure you of your path.

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