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By high school I knew that I had a purpose in life, and it included helping people with paradigm shifts–deeply personal, difficult, spiritual shifts. At the time, I felt strongly I’d be the first female priest in the Catholic church, shifting everyone’s paradigm of what practicing Catholicism could be. Then I went to college and experienced my own dramatic shift. Life got really difficult. I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.  I was floundering, ungrounded and searching.

God answered. 

As a result, my own paradigm evolved, redefining what it meant to be spiritually connected to myself and to God. From there, I cultivated my understanding of living life through the lens of spirit, which actually manifested as my own cycles of floundering to grounded and back again.  Life never stops being difficult. 

I was getting first hand experience on how to serve others and fulfill my purpose by going through the process of spiritual awakening and reconnection myself.

I continued my 20’s jumping through all the “right” hoops–college, masters degree in Counseling Psychology, certification, counseling practice…but life took me from that path when I met my husband and we picked up everything to move to Phoenix, Arizona. We immediately started a family and I fell in love with being a mother.

I spent the next 18 years earnestly praying for truth and wisdom while navigating the roles of wife and mother.  I realize now this prayer led me out of the world of false beliefs, ego and disconnection and into the world God had for me, one deeply connected to spirit. Each time I was asked to walk onto a new path, I encountered renewed levels of anxiety, disempowerment and panic.  But in my quiet moments I knew this was the way through –it was pointing me towards the truth and wisdom I had been asking for, I needed only to remember who I was in order to move through them successfully. 

That’s been my true training. 

Now, almost 2 decades later, I’ve dug through enough layers to excavate my own power and the truth of my spirit. And now I want to do everything I can to encourage others to do the same work. Because my story is your story too. 

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