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We meet others only as deeply as we've met ourselves.

The richness of our relationships mirrors the depth of our self-awareness; the more intimately we know ourselves, the more authentically we can engage with others, fostering meaningful connections is built on genuine understanding and empathy. We start with us.

 Begin by Noticing the Pattern

Have you noticed a recurring pattern in your relationships?

Whether it’s with your partner, children, colleagues, or friends, you may be wondering why certain dynamics seem to repeat themselves.

While it’s easy to blame external factors or other people for relationship difficulties, taking responsibility for your part in creating the relationships you currently have in your life is the first step towards ending the cycle and creating deeper connections.

Surrender is Key

At some point, we all have to admit, “I have no idea what I’m doing”. 

It seems scary at first, but it really is the first step towards healing.  Inviting someone in to bear witness to your “life-is-difficult” moment provides immediate relief and positivity. Inviting a knowledgeable, compassionate healer to bear witness is life changing.  

Here’s the irony:  You have to be willing to share what’s vulnerable and scary so you don’t feel so vulnerable and scared anymore.   

Baby Steps

Have you ever heard of the 12 steps? They are actually brilliant not just for recovery from addictions but for all manner of healing spiritual, mental, and emotional disconnect.

I actually realized this AFTER I healed from my disconnect issues (people-pleasing, control-freaking, avoidance-perfecting, food-abusing me).  As I journeyed with a friend on her own healing she commented that the process sounded a lot like the 12 steps!  Viola.  When something is grounded in truth, you recognize it.  And it works.

While The Steps get a bad wrap for being awkward and painful to execute all while being in a smoke-filled room, I’ve found the process doesn’t have to be quite so heavy.  We will glean the wisdom from this healing practice but in an environment that’s safe, gentle and injected with more comfort and brightness.  We’re going to take a version of these baby steps towards a healthier, happier, more connected version of you.

Commitment to Curiosity

Doesn’t that sound fun?! 

Aren’t we always encouraging our kids to be curious and creative?  

And yet the practice has been all but eradicated from our adult lives.  Sure, we might listen to a podcast or watch a Youtube video to learn more about a certain subject matter or DIY project, but how many of us are curious about who we are and what makes us tick? 

That’s something you can’t learn from anybody else.   

It’s time to reconnect to the questions that really matter and take a “fierce moral inventory” (12-steps anyone?) regarding what you are creating in your life.  

Empower Yourself

You empower yourself by knowing yourself–on a deep, spirit level. Who are you?  What are you trying to accomplish in this life?  For what purpose?   There are always layers to each of these answers.  The first answer that comes is generally the superficial answer.  But learning how to go deeper with yourself and begin peeling back the layers of remembrance of who you really are is a phenomenal experience.  I can help with that process because I’ve done it myself.  You are here because you are ready to step into true empowerment.  It’s up to you how many layers your willing to pull back.

We’ve got this. You don’t have to go it alone.

Change is inevitable.

Growth is a choice.

Time moves us along.  Next week suddenly becomes next year. Before you know it your circumstances have changed but how do you know if it will be for the better or just more of the same?

That’s actually an intentional choice you have to make.

When you choose to invest in yourself by engaging in spiritual counseling with me, you will grow in peace, positivity, and awareness.  You may find some elements of your life can’t or won’t change right away, but the way you respond to life can shift dramatically.  Taking action steps to heal is truly empowering.  And how much you grow through this choice is up to you.



Lauriann and I have been friends for over ten years. Her light and wisdom is contagious and I’m so blessed to be her friend.

Katie P.

I used to work with Lauriann and I could see her innate counseling skills really shining through in every situation. She is naturally interested in what people are going through and can get to the heart of the matter so quickly, with pointed yet gentle questions that make you really go deep. When I observed how skillful she was at this with young people as well as adults, I used her myself. She asked me questions that made me ponder for days but showed me things about myself that I didn’t realize were there. I highly recommend Lauriann. She’s extremely skilled at what she does as well as passionate about helping others break free and live how they were designed.


As a kid, feelings weren’t something discussed in my house.  I became a young adult, trying to navigate life’s difficulties without a vocabulary to express myself in a productive way or an understanding of where that inability to explain came from.  After one chat with Lauriann, I was already on a new path.  Our work opened up new windows of understanding and led to an absolute awakening.  It allowed me to take a giant leap forward into adulthood.  Lauriann is the friendliest ear and most insightful voice I can imagine.  Her ability to put words to thoughts and feelings made change for me MUCH more attainable.  For the first time in my life, I was actually able to have a productive, honest conversation about my life, the things I wanted to change, and the ways to go about that change.  Lauriann was invaluable to me and was a huge part in helping me get to the happiness I have today.

Chris A.